The best playpens for children

A playpen is a special device that can ensure the safety of a baby. It allows parents to go about their business without fear that the child will climb somewhere and get hurt. In addition, a playpen is an opportunity to organize a separate corner of his personal space for a child, even in a small apartment. It is for these reasons that it is in high demand. Parents who decide to purchase this product should know how to choose a playpen for their child. We have compiled a rating of the best models for you, from which you can choose an option that suits your needs, and we will also tell you how to choose a playpen for your child.

How to choose a playpen for a child
How to choose a playpen for a child

Comparative characteristics

So that you can choose the right product, we have provided you with comparative characteristics of all models from the rating.

Table 1. Comparative characteristics of models

ModelFolding typeDimensions (LxWxH), cmAge, yearsMaximum child weight, kgFrameWheelsprice, rub.
Cam AmericaBook118x110x750-324Metal, plasticNoFrom 11 600
AmeliBook106.5x90x750-215Metal, plastic, woodYesFrom 16 000
Baby Trend DakotaUmbrella120x71x800-315Metal, plasticYesFrom 5 800
Milly Mally Mirage DeluxeUmbrella120x60x810-315Metal, plasticYesFrom 5 400
Geuther Octo-ParkBook113x113x700-315TreeYesFrom 9 600
Leco-IT HomeBook135x135x1001,5-550Metal, plasticNoFrom 5 000
PLAYUP 08Umbrella106x106x780,6-315Metal, plasticYesFrom 5 500
Happy Baby AlexUmbrella93x93x760,4-314Metal, plasticYesFrom 3 000
Contour PrestigeUmbrella104x73x910-315Metal, plasticYesFrom 17 500
Sport JetemUmbrella114x114x700,6-313MetalNoFrom 5 900
Happy Baby Alex HomeUmbrella93x93x1000,4-314Metal, plasticYesFrom 5 100
Bambi A 03-7Umbrella120x60x780-315Metal, plasticYesFrom 5 500
Babies P-2LUmbrella100x100x740-314Metal, plasticNoFrom 5 000
IFam Lemon big W2Collapsible sections–x134x710,6-3AnyPlasticNoFrom 18 250
Intex My First Gym 48474Umbrella130x130x1040,8-1,530PVCNoFrom 1 110
GlobexBook115x105x770,6-315MetalNoFrom 3 300

How to choose a playpen?

For many mothers, a playpen becomes a good helper, thanks to which they can calmly go about their household chores, being sure that at these moments everything is fine with their babies. There are several main types of playpens, which allows you to choose the model that is most suitable for your purposes and living conditions.

Folding playpen net

At first glance, it seems that all models of this type are similar to each other (a mesh is stretched between the upper frame and the bottom, and the entire structure is supported by metal support posts); upon closer examination, clear differences become noticeable between them.

Children's playpens are folded in different ways. “Horizontal” (flat) folding means that with a slight movement of the hand, the vertical rack-legs are unfastened from the bottom, after which the upper frame is lowered to it. As a result, the folding playpen becomes as flat as possible, although the size of the frame (top and bottom) remains the same. Folding according to the “book” principle makes the folding playpen not so flat, but more compact, since both the frame and the floor, folding in half, are halved in size. The folded playpen is convenient to carry from room to room, so the baby will always remain in the mother’s field of view. And when the whole family gathers at the dacha, there will definitely be a place for the folding playpen in the trunk of the car.

Classic models are square or rectangular, rather spacious boxes that allow both folding options. A corner playpen is a godsend for small spaces. This model, made in the form of a circle segment, is both compact and quite spacious. But, given the peculiarity of the shape, the corner playpen does not fold like a book.

It must be remembered that a three-dimensional dimension is important for a playpen: in addition to the length and width, the height is taken into account, which ranges from 75–85 to 100–110 cm. The higher the walls, the longer the playpen will be used and the less likely it is that the child will overweight and fall out of it. will fall out.

Playpen bed

This is the same folding playpen with mesh sides, only each wall here has its own rigid frame, which gives the whole structure a clear rectangular shape. Square ones (for example, 80x80 cm in area) are usually intended only for games. In rectangular ones, similar in size to a regular crib (120x60 cm), you can not only play, but also sleep, from birth to 2-4 years of age.

The playpen bed has a lot of additional options. It has wheels on the legs, making it easy to transport from room to room and secured in place with locking locks. In addition to the legs, there may also be rocking bars for rocking the baby, which are hidden under the bottom while he is awake. So that an older baby can independently climb into the playpen bed, there is a special hole in the side wall that opens and closes with a zipper.

During the day of sleeping and playing outdoors, the playpen bed is equipped with a mosquito net. In addition, many models, thanks to modern technologies, can calm the baby on their own, even if the mother is not around. Electronic intelligence will instantly respond to crying and turn on a vibration motion sickness system that can operate in several intensity modes. Your baby will surely love the gentle lullabies available in the smart crib's music library. You can also select operating modes from a distance using the remote control, which is especially valuable at night when you don’t have the strength to get up again.

A playpen bed is simply irreplaceable if the family goes on a trip (not all hotels have children's beds) or the baby often stays to sleep outside the home (at the dacha or visiting grandma).

Wooden playpen

From an environmental safety point of view, a wooden playpen is the best option. The shape of a wooden playpen can be square or hexagonal. Its walls, like those of a wooden crib, are made of rods or slats, which are comfortable for the baby to hold on to when standing up and walking. A wooden playpen is not afraid of any jumps by its occupant: the bottom will hold up and will not bend, and the playpen itself will not tip over. It is easy to assemble and disassemble for transportation, but, as a rule, does not fold, so you will have to find a permanent place for it in the house. When purchasing a children's wooden playpen, you need to inspect and feel it to identify possible nicks, cracks or chips. A model coated with water-based varnish will retain its appearance and integrity longer. You should also look at how far apart the side slats (rods) are located. In gaps that are too small, arms or legs can get stuck, and in gaps that are too large, the baby can stick his head in and get stuck. A distance of 5–7 cm is considered optimal.

Inflatable playpen

Inflatable playpens have a round (less often square) shape, a stable bottom and transparent walls, through which the child sees the mother, and she, in turn, can watch the baby. The inflatable playpen is convenient because when deflated it fits in a small bag, so it is convenient to store and carry. On a hot day at the dacha, it can turn into a mini paddling pool for the baby. But unlike other playpens, inflatable ones are the lowest (from 64 cm), therefore they are designed for children up to one year old (maximum up to 1.5 years). In addition, it is great to jump on an inflatable springy floor, but learning to walk on it is not very convenient. Before using the inflatable playpen for the first time, you need to not only wash it, but also ventilate it so that the child is not scared off by the specific smell of polyvinyl chloride (this is a synthetic polymer from which inflatable products are made).

Which is better: a crib or a playpen?

Many young parents wonder what is better - a playpen bed or a crib. To make the right choice, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of each product, which are shown in the table below.

Table 2. Advantages and disadvantages of products

Product typeAdvantagesFlaws
Cribsleep in the crib is calm and long; good dimensions; can be used for children from birth to 5 years takes up a lot of space; difficult to move
Playpen-cotmaneuverability; does not take up much space; functionality – can be used for both sleeping and playing You may have trouble sleeping because you can play in the crib; Can be used for a maximum of 3 years

Children's playpens - types and modifications

So, essentially, playpens are special limited areas for a child to play and relax. Manufacturers offer an impressive variety of models to suit all tastes, needs and financial capabilities. Round, square, rectangular or even polygonal - they are the largest and most spacious, but, of course, they require the appropriate area. What and how to choose a playpen for a child remains the decision of the parents, because they are guided, first of all, by the benefit for their child and the tasks that he is called upon to solve.

The best children's playpens - centers with play elements and devices - entertain and develop an inquisitive child. Mobile structures can be taken with you to nature, to the country house or on a trip - they fold up easily and do not take up much space. As a rule, in large and well-known stores, consultants can easily tell you which playpen to choose for a child so that it brings joy to everyone, both mothers and their children.

Requirements for the arena

The playpen must meet the following requirements:

  • sustainability;
  • good height of the sides so that the child cannot leave the device on his own;
  • no protruding parts to prevent the child from accidentally getting injured;
  • environmental friendliness of materials;
  • durable body.

The main thing in the arena is quality and safety
The main thing in the arena is quality and safety

Prices for playpens

For most parents, an essential selection criterion is the cost of the playpen. The most affordable model is a playpen with a mesh; playpens with wooden rods are a little more expensive; as a rule, the cost of the playpen depends on the size and number of levels and, of course, on the manufacturer.

So, depending on the size, Russian playpens from Globex, Votkinsk Industrial Company, Fairy, BabyLine, Bonpapa will cost an average of 1,500 to 2,000 rubles.

And children's playpens from foreign companies Chicco, Brevi, NeoNato, Bebe Confort, Bertoni are more expensive - from 3,000 to 6,000 rubles, but their quality and safety are higher.

Rules for choosing a playpen

When choosing a product, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Quality of materials and dyes. They must be environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.
  2. Safety. The model must have a durable body and stand securely on the base.
  3. Functionality. The more additional features, the better. However, this increases the cost of the product.
  4. Build quality. All parts must be securely fixed so that they do not fall out during use of the product.
  5. The presence of soft sides. This will protect the child from injury in case of an accidental fall.
  6. Product dimensions. They must fit the size of the room where the playpen will be installed.
  7. Weight. If you need to take the product with you to the dacha and other places, then it is recommended to give preference to light weight ones.
  8. Availability of wheels. If the playpen will be constantly rearranged, then wheels are necessary. However, they must be equipped with a locking mechanism.
  9. There is protection against accidental folding. This will ensure the child's safety while using the model.
  10. Child's age and maximum load. The product must suit the baby according to these parameters.


Nowadays the playpen crib . The convenience of this design is that it folds up very easily and can be taken with you everywhere; this is, as they say, a “dacha” option. Also, this design can be equipped with a changing table, which is attached to the sides of the crib; such models also have modernization in the form of an independent rocking chair for the baby and additional lighting at night to control the child.

Before choosing a crib, think about whether you really need it. Psychologists do not recommend purchasing such designs. They believe that the baby should know the crib where he sleeps and the playpen where he is allowed to play.

Video - How to choose a playpen for a child

So which playpen should you choose for your child? In addition to the characteristics and specified criteria, you need to focus on the purpose of using the product and the size of the budget. So, if you need a cot at an affordable price, it is recommended to pay attention to the Bambi A 03-7 model. If you need a functional crib with a rocking option and an electronic unit, and the cost does not matter, the Contour Prestige product is suitable for you. If you need a regular budget playpen, it is recommended to purchase Happy Baby Alex. In our rating you can choose any model that suits you in terms of functionality, characteristics and cost.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a playpen?

It is very important that the playpen is stable. After all, very soon, your child will begin to lean on it and stand up; the playpen needs to be designed for such loads. If the playpen is equipped with wheels, please note that they must be equipped with braking devices.

When choosing a playpen, pay special attention to the material from which the bottom is made. The most convenient material would be thick raincoat fabric, since it is easiest to wash; it is for this reason that you should not buy one with a fabric bottom. An oilcloth bottom is also considered a good option, but many doctors advise against using such a covering during the period when the baby is teething, since he can chew through the covering. For comfort and warmth, it is advisable to lay a blanket for the child at the bottom of the playpen.

Voting for the best playpen

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How to choose the right playpen

Having looked into a children's goods store to purchase a playpen for a child, each parent can get confused among the huge number of models presented. Since the choice is made for a little person, first of all the product should be considered from the point of view of harmlessness. To ensure a comfortable stay for the baby in the playpen and guarantee his safety, this device must meet the following requirements:

  • All materials from which the baby playpen is made must be environmentally friendly, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and odorless.
  • The device should not contain parts with corners or ribs to avoid injury. Also, the playpen should not contain small loose or tearable objects that could end up in the child’s mouth.
  • Size and stability of the structure. Keep in mind that children grow very quickly, so if you choose a small-sized model, you will be faced with the fact that it will soon need to be replaced with a larger one. An older child will stand up in the playpen and rock it. A baby can easily get out of a low device, and a lightweight model can be knocked over. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a large playpen for a child with a reserve for the future, the stability of which is at its best.
  • The floor of the playpen (if the model has a bottom) should be quite rigid, especially if a baby will be in it from 3-4 months. The rigid design is orthopedically very correct and does not cause deviations in the development of the spine. The floor covering is preferably made of oilcloth materials that are easy to handle hygienically.
  • The walls of the playpen, regardless of the material of manufacture, must protect the baby from injury when falling or hitting his head. Transparent partitions are preferred, which allow the child to view the room and see the mother.
  • The color of the playpen should be soft and neutral. Too bright colors overstimulate the child and quickly become boring.
  • The diameter of the cells in the mesh arena should not exceed 5 mm.
  • The distance between the partitions in a wooden playpen should not be more than 7 cm, so that the child’s hand can pass through, but not the head.
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