Oatmeal and flour
Oatmeal for babies
There is still no consensus among mothers and doctors about what
“Only baby shampoo”: Komarovsky told how to wash a baby’s hair
When can you bathe a newborn with soap?
 Medicine 8-11-2019, 08:29 Author: Maya Maksimovich 2367 For newborns, it is enough to wash their hair with regular warm water
When can a child be given green peas?
When can a child be given green peas?
At what age can you have pea soup? We have already found out that the child’s body reacts negatively
White currants for children
Proper care and cultivation of currants
Black currant Black currant contains a high content of B vitamins, vitamin A, K, E
Is it possible to use bay leaves during pregnancy and breastfeeding? How does bay leaf affect pregnancy? Bay leaf - use for late menstruation and for early termination of pregnancy
Does everyone add bay leaves to soup? For what? In my opinion, there is no benefit from it.
How does a woman’s body change during breastfeeding?
How I cleansed my body in 9 days while breastfeeding
Pregnancy and childbirth are not a reason to ignore taking care of your own appearance. Of course, the approach to
Fennel and dill
Folk remedies for constipation for newborns
About fennel, otherwise called dill water, is that it eases colic and digestion in
Standard cot
How to choose a crib for a newborn - choosing the best crib for a child
Search with passion Carefully inspect the crib! All elements and parts must be well processed,
High temperature thermometer, tablets and capsules on white background
Coldrex during breastfeeding
Often a young mother experiences fever during lactation. What antipyretics?
The child spits up with the smell of vomit
Is it possible to treat regurgitation in newborns? Before we talk about how you can
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