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Corn flakes during breastfeeding
Is it possible for a nursing mother to have cereal with milk?
The benefits of corn Corn strengthens the immune system and saturates the body with energy, gives vigor and strength, normalizes
At what age can a nursing mother eat eggplant? How to properly introduce vegetables into your diet? Dietary recipes for breastfeeding
Eggplants during breastfeeding
The diet of a nursing mother should be varied, healthy and balanced, so do not be afraid to include
How to use nicotinic acid for hair? Instructions for use of ampoules
Lactogenic effect of nicotinic acid
The benefits of nicotinic acid (vitamin B3) for women are obvious. It is taken in therapeutic, preventive and
Sunflower oil for constipation with gw
Is it possible to have sweet dill while breastfeeding? To stimulate lactation, a woman can even
Feeding vegetables with milk
Grapes and milk compatibility
Chemical fertilizers are a controversial thing. They enrich the soil with useful elements, but at the same time they are unnecessary and
Vitamin D: how to take for adults and children
Is it possible to take vitamin D during breastfeeding? Vitamin D belongs to complex substances - prohormones,
beaten egg
Rice pancakes with cottage cheese for children. Pancakes with cottage cheese - a dish for children - recipe. Recipe for pancakes in the form of a dessert baked in the oven with sour cream
Classic pancake recipe To prepare a dish according to this recipe, you need to stock up on the following ingredients: three hundred
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Blackberries during breastfeeding
Gooseberries during breastfeeding
Benefits Breastfeeding (BF) is an important period in the life of every woman. Fear of harming the baby
Can a nursing mother have pickles?
Pros This vegetable is rich not only in water, but also in mineral salts of iodine, potassium, silicon,
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