Massage for newborns at home
When a child appears in a family, life changes dramatically. It is necessary to go through a difficult path to restore your
hemorrhoids after childbirth treatment while breastfeeding
Postpartum hemorrhoids, method of treatment for hemorrhoids
How do hemorrhoids occur after childbirth? Most often, the rudiments of nodes appear at a time when
pills for mom
What diuretic during pregnancy will not harm the baby?
Contents: Causes First aid Timing Drug treatment After the birth of a baby, every woman has to go through
When can a nursing mother get a flu shot while breastfeeding?
Flu shot while breastfeeding
When not to get vaccinated The flu vaccine is well tolerated as a result of its natural effects on
If you dreamed about spoiled milk.
Everything flows, everything changes: why breast milk is very different, and what causes it
Young mother breastfeeding her baby
Milk with soda for cough while breastfeeding
The birth of a child is a long-awaited moment, but in some cases the first months of motherhood are overshadowed by unpleasant
How to treat thrush of the mammary glands and nipples while breastfeeding?
Blood from the nipple: causes, diagnosis and treatment
A sharp decrease in the immunity of a nursing mother after a successful delivery makes her body vulnerable to bacteriological
Treatment of mastitis in women with antibiotics
Prevention of mastitis in breastfeeding women “Empty” breasts are the best way to prevent mastitis. For the prevention of mastitis
What is progesterone
Feeding during pregnancy
Actions of progesterone Progesterone is usually formed in the second half of the menstrual cycle after ovulation. Essential Function
Senade Senade instructions for use
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