How to choose a nursing pillow?

Position selection

Today, several basic positions for breastfeeding are known. Their choice may be determined by the age of the baby, the state of health of the mother, the structural features of the mammary glands and even the time of day. For example, night feeding, which is mandatory in the first months after birth, usually occurs while lying down. The same position is recommended for women who gave birth through cesarean section or other surgical interventions, with mandatory subsequent suturing.

If a young mother does not have any restrictions in the postpartum period, then it is best to feed the baby while sitting.

The most popular position remains the “cradle”: a woman sits with her back resting on the back of a chair, armchair or sofa, while the child is on her lap in a horizontal position, with his tummy turned towards the mother.

The woman’s hands can support the baby in a straight or cross position.

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What is a nursing pillow for?

The older a newborn gets, the harder it is to hold him in his arms while eating. He quickly and steadily gains weight and height, shows interest in the world around him and physical activity. In addition, the sucking process itself takes him more and more time, since much more milk is now required to satisfy his appetite than in the first days after birth.

To make breastfeeding easier and reduce the load on the spine and arms, you can and should use a special feeding pillow.

In the Dreamcatcher online store, you can choose one of two popular models by going to the catalog of nursing pillows, and at the same time find out:

  • The first option on how to use a nursing pillow involves fixing the pillow at the waist. It is made in the shape of a horseshoe and allows you to hold the baby with one hand, while the other helps you grasp the nipple correctly.
  • The second option is a set of a wide and high pillow filled with foam rubber and an additional pillow that allows you to change the baby’s position during feeding.

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Types of pillows for pregnant women

Before sewing, let’s decide on the appearance of the product, that is, what shape it will be.

The pillow can be of various configurations:

  • U-shaped or horseshoe-shaped;
  • in the shape of the letter C or banana;
  • in the shape of the letter G;
  • straight - in the shape of the letter I.

The most convenient is the first, U-shaped. Its advantage is that not only the stomach, but also the back receives support and support. In this case, the head should be placed on the middle part of the “horseshoe”.

But there is also a drawback - the “horseshoe” takes up a lot of space, so it will only be appropriate on a large, wide bed.

For a smaller bed, you can choose a product of a different shape - it will also provide you with a comfortable sleep.

Once you have decided on the shape of the item, you can select the necessary materials.

Instructions for use

In order for the feeding process to be as effective as possible, you need to know how to use a pillow to feed your baby. If you choose a model with a waist fastening:

Take a comfortable sitting position: your feet should be on the floor, your knees should be parallel to the floor, and there should be a comfortable soft support behind your back that allows you to completely relax your back muscles.

Place the pillow on your knees and wrap its protruding edges around your waist. This is not difficult to do, however, you must be sure that your figure, which has changed after recent childbirth, will allow you to use the accessory correctly. If the pillow cannot be fixed, it is better not to use it, as it may slip off your lap during feeding.

How to feed on a nursing pillow? The child must be placed in such a way that his entire body is on the pillow. At the same time, the head should be slightly raised and lie on the elbow of the mother’s arm. By adjusting the height and angle of inclination in this way, you can be sure that even if the baby spits up milk, it will not get into the respiratory tract.

Never deprive your baby of support while feeding using a pillow! Be sure to hold it with your hand and control the sucking process. After eating, the pillow can be carefully removed.

Another model that does not involve fixation at the waist should be used only with full control of the feeding process itself. No matter how tired the mother is, she cannot afford to take a nap while the child is eating. Using a feeding pillow without additional fixation at the waist has its own characteristics. In this case, the baby needs constant support with two hands, which can be placed on the surface of the product for better fixation and reducing pressure on the spine. With the help of an additional pad, which should be placed under the main one, on your knees, you can change the height of the surface and its inclination.

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How to choose a pillow for nursing and pregnant women

Rules for choosing a pillow for pregnant women

Almost every woman preparing to become a mother faces the problem of losing healthy and sound sleep. It becomes more and more difficult to find a comfortable position in bed, and the stomach continues to increase in size. What to do? How not to lose the same high-quality and sweet sleep that you had before pregnancy? The answer is simple, pillows specifically designed for expectant mothers will help. All that remains is to choose the right one. We will now tell you how to do this.

Doctors believe that a pregnancy pillow is a necessary thing for pregnant women, because it will help provide expectant mothers with the necessary rest during the day and healthy sleep at night.

Pros of a pregnancy pillow:

• it is much easier for a pregnant woman to find a comfortable position, both during night sleep and while resting during the day;

• reduces the load on the back and legs, which is especially important after the 12th week;

• if you put a special pillow under your rounded belly, then, unlike conventional models, it will not give you a feeling of discomfort;

• this particular pillow will be useful to you after childbirth, because it is almost universal. You can rely on it during feeding as a support, or turn it into a kind of playpen that will protect the child from falling out of bed.

There are different types of pillows for pregnant women. They differ not only in cost and quality, but also in shape, filling and material of the case that covers the product. The main thing is to choose a pillow that suits the individual characteristics and preferences of the expectant mother.

What shapes do pillows come in?

There are a lot of options, each of them is good in its own way. In order not to make a mistake with your choice, it is worth studying the descriptions of the main shapes of pillows presented below.

U-shaped or "Horseshoe"

This type of pillow is most in demand among expectant mothers, since the U-shape has a number of advantages, such as:

• serves as good support for both the abdomen and the back;

• you don’t need to constantly shift it when your body changes position in bed, because it covers you on both sides;

• ideal for those who like to wrap themselves in a blanket like in a cocoon;

The disadvantages of the Horseshoe are as follows:

• for such a pillow you need a large bed that can accommodate its rather large size;

• you are unlikely to be able to hug your loved one through it;

By the way, the choice of pillow size depends on the height of its future owner. Pillows 280x35 are suitable for miniature girls, and for those who are taller than 160cm, the model 240x35 will be more comfortable.


If you need a pillow not for nighttime, but also for daytime rest, then the bagel is the most versatile option. Unlike the “horseshoe”, this shape has only one size: 340x35.

It has the following advantages:

• Surrounds your body on all sides, making it easiest to find a comfortable position;

• You can also sit on it on a small bed;

But this form has one significant drawback: the pregnant woman’s spine, when turning from one side to the other, will remain without support, which will necessitate turning the “bagel” over.


One of the newest forms of pillows and at the same time in demand among expectant mothers. This pillow is slightly larger than a bagel, its size is 350x35.

Why do the fair sex choose her:

• Its shape helps relieve tension;

• This pillow can be placed in any way your heart desires: under your skin or stomach, hug it with your legs or rest your head on it;

• It makes it easy to find a comfortable position while reading a book or watching TV;

Its only drawback is that it is not comfortable to sleep with a tail starting from the letter “G”.


Banana pillow is her middle name. It was created in the same way as the “horseshoe”, taking into account the growth of the pregnant woman. If a woman is below 160, then a size 170x30 is ideal for her, and if she is taller, then a pillow of 190x30 will be comfortable.

Its advantages are the following:

• takes up little space;

• will become a support for both the spine and the woman’s abdomen;

• convenient for travel, because taking it with you will not be difficult;

There are no obvious deficiencies.


Its shape resembles a roller, 230 cm long.

This pillow has enough advantages:

• does not take up much space, just like a “banana”;

• universal, although not convenient for transportation.

There is one minus, but a significant one. When you turn in your sleep, you will have to turn your pillow over too.


This model is in demand among expectant mothers. As a rule, it is presented in two sizes 170x30 and 190x30.

It is popular due to the following advantages:

• helps relieve stress from the cervical region and back;

• small size, convenient for travel;

• the price will please you, cheaper than most of the listed forms of pillows;

There are no shortcomings.


There are many opinions about which filler is better. As a rule, the most common choice is between expanded polystyrene and holofiber.

Expanded polystyrene is safe, it consists of small balls that make the pillow so comfortable - it takes the shape of the body of the person who sits on it.

In addition to the fact that it is easy to sit on a pillow filled with this material, polystyrene foam has other advantages:

• lightness;

• wear resistance;

• will not cause an allergic reaction;

• it can be washed and dried;

The main disadvantage of products made from this material is the high price, even if it is justified by the quality.

Holofiber is a material that consists of hollow fibers. It is easy to care for a pillow made from it, but this is not the main advantage:

• does not absorb liquids;

• parasites do not live in holofiber;

• will not cause an allergic reaction;

• retains its shape well;

• can serve its owner for a long time;


The most important criterion for a good pillow is multi-layering. The bottom layer of fabric, closest to the filler, should be the densest to prevent holofiber or expanded polystyrene from penetrating into the external environment. As a rule, the first layer consists of calico or satin.

The next layer is the pillowcase. You can choose it to your taste, the main thing is that it is durable and comfortable for you. For example, if a young mother is going to use a pillow while breastfeeding, then the pillowcase must, firstly, be easily washed off from stains, and secondly, quickly removed.

Fabrics for pillowcases can be used in a variety of ways, but the most popular and reliable options consist of linen, cotton, knitwear and velor.


The cost depends on many factors: from the manufacturer to the packing material. So the “horseshoe” will cost around three thousand rubles, and the G-pillow will be noticeably cheaper. The lowest price tags are for non-I and L-shaped shapes.

How to use?

Many people have a completely natural question about how to use a special pillow, but there are no universal instructions. The main thing is to be comfortable.

It would be a good idea to consult with a gynecologist who is seeing the expectant mother. The doctor will be able to help you choose a pillow and a comfortable position, based on knowledge of the characteristics of the pregnant woman’s body.

You won’t have to forget about a special pillow even after the baby is born, because it can be used to reduce the load on the spine during feeding; you just need to throw one end behind your back and put the other on your knees.

During the day, the pillow will help the expectant mother to rest, and at night it will promote sound and healthy sleep, which is extremely important not only for the well-being of the pregnant woman, but also for the health of the child itself.

Important nuances

Hygienic cleanliness of all items that are related to the care of a baby in the first months of his life is an important component of proper development. If the nursing pillow needs cleaning, the degree of contamination should be assessed. For minor stains, it is enough to wipe the cover with a weakly concentrated solution of baby detergent, then simply wipe it with a damp, clean cloth and dry thoroughly.

All nursing pillows are easy and simple to wash in the washing machine. In the delicate wash mode, you can wash even those models that do not have removable covers. You need to be especially careful when handling pillows with polystyrene foam balls; it is important that the zipper does not unzip during the washing process and that the filler does not fill the drum of the machine. However, you don’t need to wash your pillow often; just put a fresh pillowcase on it in time, and accidental dirt can be removed by simply rinsing the product in the bathroom.

It is imperative to ensure that the integrity of the feeding pillow is maintained. All seams should be as strong as possible; the filler should not bunch up or roll off, forming depressed areas on the surface.

A pillow with artificial filling should be stored away from direct sunlight, as some synthetic fillings, in particular foam rubber, can begin to deteriorate when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

Experts do not recommend using products that do not correspond to the height and weight of the baby.

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