Which high chair is best?

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How to choose a high chair so that it fits your baby perfectly? Purchasing a high chair is not an easy task, because the safety and health of the baby depends on how correct your decision is. For a growing child, such a product is simply necessary. In view of this, let's talk about how to choose the right high chair for feeding your baby.

High chair dimensions.

Models of high chairs

There are a huge number of models for different ages, and from the entire assortment you need to choose exactly the model that is suitable for the baby’s age. Wooden classic chairs, equipped with high legs, are intended only to feed the child. They are not height adjustable. There is no tabletop or folding mechanism. This chair moves directly to the dining table, so it is only suitable for a baby who already knows how to sit well. There must be front protection or seat belts, a step or a soft insert, otherwise the child may fall.

Many stores offer wooden chairs with adjustable heights. Their design resembles a staircase. There is a footrest and tabletop that can be installed at different levels depending on the age and height of the baby. Two-level chairs can be placed in two positions, low or high. Multi-position models are adjustable to any table height.

The main advantage of a baby chair is the convenience of feeding the baby.

Folding chairs can be either non-adjustable or height-adjustable. The main advantages are mobility and compactness. The model easily fits into the trunk of a car and is convenient to move from one room to another. The product is usually made of molded plastic. The chairs of these chairs have an ergonomic design, which ensures the most comfortable position for the child. Typically, the presented model has five attachment points that secure the child by the shoulders, at the waist and between the legs. This type of product will become an indispensable assistant for a mother who has a child from 6 months to 3 years. The older the child gets, the more objections the baby will have if left alone in a crib or playpen. A folding chair allows mother and child to spend time in the same room. While the mother is doing useful things, for example, preparing food, the child can play, being supervised and in complete safety.

Multifunctional chairs have adjustable positions of the footrest, seat, tabletop, and backrest.

The height can also be changed depending on your requirements. Most multifunctional chairs are folding options. The product usually has a handle for moving the baby around the rooms and wheels. If you move the wheels to the side, the model turns into a rocking chair, which can be unfolded to a “lying” position. Expensive multifunctional chairs have an electric rocking mode and are equipped with a music device and a timer.

Scheme of a high chair for feeding a child.

A hanging chair is a product that is a folding chair without a frame. The fastening and assembly mechanism is very simple, the model is easy to clean. This chair is attached directly to the table. The seat is equipped with soft upholstery that can be removed for washing. The product can only be attached to the table if the child is not sitting in it. It is worth paying attention to the presence of protective rubber pads that protect the table surface from various damages and secure the structure. The model appeared in the store not long ago, but is already popular. Pros: from an early age, a child learns to eat with everyone at the table, the model takes up little space, is easily transformed and folded, the frame is made of durable metal or plastic. Cons: the maximum load is only 15 kilograms; the product can only be used if you have a suitable table.

A booster chair is a children's chair that consists of one seat. This design is attached to a standard chair with straps. The main advantages are mobility and compactness. The chair is easy to move from one place to another. There are models with a two- and three-position removable tray table. The design of the model is not very stable, so it is recommended to install the product only on a chair with a reliable back, four legs and a flat seat. Such products are compact, foldable, lightweight, and are very comfortable to carry a child in. The model is ideal for trips and trips; it does not take up much space in a suitcase.

A highchair with a swing function is a seat structure that swings between fixed posts. The work is carried out from batteries, there are three melodies and three swing speeds.

A high chair should be purchased when the child can already sit and his spine is sufficiently strong.

Transformers are the most popular. This chair can be transformed into a table on wheels and a chair connected to each other. Expensive models are a removable low chair and a table-stand located under it. The presented model serves children for a very long time, about 6 years. Transformers can be made of plastic (Action, Terra or Nazca Top) or wood (MY301A, BARON, MY101A, AGNIESZKA III). The tabletop is removable, on some products it can be installed in 3 positions (Action, Nazca Top, Terra). Some desks have a niche for storing stationery (Seca Action). Disadvantage of the model: it is not a compact option, it is difficult to take it with you to the dacha or on a visit. Plus: the product can be used as a desk by a child up to school age; it is convenient to draw, glue, eat, sculpt, and so on.

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Options for children's high chairs. Which baby feeding chair is best to choose?

All parents will want to buy a high chair for their baby, but which one depends on what features you need. Of course, chairs that perform more functions, as well as those that are branded by well-known manufacturers, are more expensive.

High chair

Depending on the model, children's high chairs can be designed for babies of different ages. It is assumed that parents begin to use a high chair when their baby learns to sit, that is, when the child is 5-6 months old.

On the modern market, high chairs are represented by domestic manufacturers, as well as Italian, French, Israeli, Chinese, and Taiwanese companies. When buying a high chair, you should first summarize all the qualities of an abstract modern basic model, which comes with a variety of functions and options.

So, the basis of any model is a high chair on a folding book frame without wheels. The frame is equipped with a plastic seat with a soft, dense covering (or without covering) and a footrest, as well as a plastic table, the positions of which vary depending on the age of the child. Many even fairly simple models are equipped (in various variations) with wheels with brakes, a soft seat, and seat belts. In more expensive versions, the design of the chair allows you to change the level of backrest tilt (up to 3-5 positions) and the height of the seat (5-7 height positions).

From a safety point of view, such models are a very interesting option: by setting the seat and tabletop to the lowest position, the mother can leave the child unattended and worried for a moment. By changing the angle of the soft seat, parents can even leave the child to sleep in such a chair, for example, if he is tired while visiting. These models are also very compact when folded - they are convenient to transport in a car, which is also good for visiting. In addition, expensive chairs are more comfortable due to a more spacious chair and table.

On sale you can find a high chair that is comfortable not only for the baby, but also for the mother. The size of the chair varies in height, allowing you to find the most comfortable position for feeding.

Transformable chair

Transformable chairs are intended for children up to 3-5 years old

and have many useful functions:

• a transforming chair is necessary when it’s time to eat on your own;

• this chair can become a place for play, especially if it has a fairly spacious table that can accommodate a small number of toys:

• some chairs can turn into a kind of low desk, then you can put it in the room and leaf through books, draw;

• a transforming chair can become a chair for carrying a child, just a lounge chair, a rocking chair and even a swing.

By purchasing a transformable children's chair, you will get rid of the need to buy additional children's furniture.

Portable high chair

This chair can be useful both at home and when visiting a restaurant.

Basic requirements for a portable chair:

• the presence of a locking system that reliably protects against falls; • comfortable seat;

• support in the groin area, preventing the child from slipping.

Never place such a chair on a coffee or serving table or place another chair under it.

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Basic requirements for high chairs for babies

Kitchen layout

Size, footrest and height adjustment

High chair assembly diagram.

In order to determine the size of a high chair, you should take into account the weight and height of the baby. The model should not be allowed to be too tight or loose. It would be great if the seat and back have height adjustment.

Children over three years old must select a separate table and chair. The height of the seat above the floor should correspond to the height from the child’s foot to the shin; the height of the table should be equal to the height of the chair. Make sure that the baby can calmly place his hands on the table and bend them at the elbows.

It is better to choose a product with a footrest. It is needed to prevent children from swinging their legs while eating. Among other things, the child can freely climb on and off such a product.

If you choose a folding version, look at how many height adjustments it has. As a rule, manufacturers offer 2-8 height levels. This is very practical, since the high chair can be adjusted to suit the height and age of the child.

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Safety, seat and material

The design of the model must be reliable and durable. Widely spaced legs, a strong frame and a solid base are the guarantee that your baby will not tip over with the product. Check to see if the chair is wobbly and if there are seat belts with extra length for adjustment.

Classification of children's high chairs.

Chairs with wheels or runners must have locking mechanisms. Make sure that the materials used in the production of the model are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Check for quality certificates.

The seat should be comfortable, safe and soft. The best option is an anatomical seat, so your baby will not get tired, which means he will stop being capricious.

Upholstery should be chosen from smooth, water-repellent fabrics. You should not take a model with cotton or leather upholstery.

The most widely used materials in the production of high chairs are plastic or wood. They are distinguished by their harmlessness to the child’s health, light weight and practicality.

The upholstery should be made of material that does not irritate the baby's skin. Immediately see if it is easy to wash.

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How to assemble a children's highchair "Nanny" 4 in one

A high chair that seems complicated at first glance. But at the same time, such a high chair does not require complex assembly; you can only get confused in changing modes of use. A complete set of a high chair consists of a seat, base, frame, table, legs, footrest, hangers, ring, bushing, cap, soft flooring, axle and safety straps.

To install the chair on the base of the high chair, you should install the bushings and rings included in the kit on the ends of the axle inserted into the seat. Pass the free ends of the axle into the holes in the base. You will have to apply force when pulling the caps onto the protruding ends of the axle. To make the process easier, you can pre-heat the elastic caps in a container of hot water. When the child grows up, it is convenient to install a footrest on the seat of the high chair, securing it with brackets.

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To get a rocking chair from a high chair, you need to turn the special stops to the internal position, without making sure they touch the floor.

Eurokey scheme.

The degree of inclination can be easily adjusted with one movement of the hand by changing the position of the stand in the recesses of the grooves.

To get a high chair with a table, you should install the stand located behind the back of the seat in the lower groove and secure it tightly into the lock. Then you need to install a plastic tabletop on the armrests of the feeding table and firmly fix it in place, pushing it into the grooves until it clicks. The supports on which the high chair is located must be smoothly rotated to the lower position so that they form a stable structure.

You can turn a high chair into a simple baby chair with a few simple steps. It is enough to install the legs of the chair in a special frame. The legs are secured using buttons on the chair. Then move the frame apart and put protective covers on the hinges. The support can now be returned to the down position. Hang the chair on the hooks, insert the support into the grooves and secure with a lock and hooks. Here's everything you can get from the Nanny high chair.

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Fasteners, tabletop, design

If the child does not yet know how to sit well, then he needs a model with clamps. They will ensure the safety of the child. The clamps are attached to a table or an adult chair.

When choosing a multifunctional chair, it is imperative to have a tabletop. Such models last a very long time. When the model has the ability to adjust the tabletop in height, the product can be adjusted to the age and height of the baby.

The presence of sides is also important. They will protect against liquid food dripping during feeding.

The standard design is wooden classic chairs that are placed near the table. They are not height adjustable. If you prefer adjustable models, you have a great opportunity to change the angle of the backrest and the position of the seat.

The most durable option is children's high chairs that fold out onto a table and a low chair. Transformers are also in great demand due to their versatility. These models can be turned into a table with a chair and a desk.

There are designs equipped with a tabletop and footrest. They can be removable or height adjustable. Folding models are easy to transport in a car; they are convenient and compact.

Versatility and accessories

It’s great if the chair “grows” with the child. The footrest should go down and up so you can adjust it to your baby's height.

It will be easier to place the child in the high chair if the tabletop moves away. As your child grows, it will have to be moved away.

A number of models are sold with a tray that has recesses for a bottle, plate and cup. After the baby has eaten, the tray can simply be removed from the countertop and washed. Agree, it is very convenient and hygienic. Some products have back pockets on the back of the seat for small items, a net or a basket for toys.

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Child's age, practical tips and advice for use

High chairs are designed for children of different ages. Transformers and classic tall models are suitable for children aged 1-5 years; swing chairs and hanging products can be purchased for children starting from the age of six months.

When choosing a chair, carefully examine its surface. There should be no scratches or cracks. What you need is a perfectly smooth model without carved overlays or sharp corners.

If your choice is a multifunctional model, try out how the mechanisms, seat belts and latches work.

Consider the size of the room and kitchen. If the area of ​​the premises allows, then it is better to choose a transformer. In a small kitchen, the best option would be a booster chair or a standard model.

Pay attention to the design, you need it to be strong and stable. The stability of the position of the product depends on the distance between the legs: the larger it is, the better. The safest models are chairs without wheels. A wooden frame is preferable: psychologists believe that contact between a baby and a tree has a beneficial effect on health.

Preference should be given to chairs with bright patterns: children like them. It is a pleasure for them to play and eat on such a chair. The tabletop should be large so that the child cannot push off from the table.

You can buy a high chair for your baby only after reaching the age of six months. Multifunctional models are suitable for 5- and 6-year-old children.

Don't forget about safety precautions. Don't leave your child alone. Periodically check the tightness of the latches and seat belts.

Do not make any manipulations with the angle of the backrest or the height of the seat if the child is sitting in the high chair. Place the product only on a solid and level surface. After use, remove the high chair to a place inaccessible to children.

Remember that the high chair should always be perfectly clean. Before and after feeding, the product must be wiped with a soft damp cloth or washed with disinfectant solutions. Rinse the surface thoroughly after using such products so that their particles do not enter the child’s body.

So, the best high chair is the one that your child likes, meets all standards and requirements, and is easy to use. Don’t forget to “try” the product on your baby when purchasing!

Pros of a baby high chair

Among the main advantages of such furniture are:

  • Feeding an older baby is more convenient and comfortable.
  • Chairs with countertops and edges keep the kitchen clean.
  • Thanks to seat belts and restraints, the young gourmet is securely secured and protected from injury.
  • The surface of the tabletop can be used for educational games.
  • Mom can go about her business in the kitchen without worrying about the safety of the baby.
  • The folding version easily fits in the car and can be taken with you on a trip.
  • A children's chair can be pulled up to the dining table for a shared meal with the whole family.
  • With such children's furniture, the little one will quickly learn to eat on his own.
  • The chair “grows” with your child; some transforming models will be useful until school age.
  • There are models on sale that turn into swings, cradles, rocking chairs, desks, and walkers.

As you can see, the advantages of such furniture indicate that a children's high chair is still needed. All that remains is to decide on the model, because today manufacturers offer hundreds of options.

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