Massage for newborns at home

When a child appears in a family, life changes dramatically. You need to go through a difficult path to restore your body. In order for this process to be as effective as possible, at first it is advisable not to lift anything heavy (for example, a stroller), rest more, and eat right. These simple tips will help you avoid health problems after pregnancy. Massage helps a lot to improve your well-being.

By contacting a professional massage therapist, you take care of your health, receive a charge of vigor and good mood, influence all physiological systems in the body, and enhance metabolic processes. Such a pleasant and useful procedure has a positive effect on the nervous, cardiovascular, muscular systems, on the bone and joint-ligamentous apparatus, and on the functioning of internal organs. Rejuvenates the skin, improves muscle tone, relieves fatigue, and returns to its previous shape.

When to start

The earlier the better. You can do it two to three weeks after birth. But in the first months, adaptation to the new way of life occurs. All efforts are devoted to caring for the child. Women, as a rule, switch to themselves and their health after 1.5-2 months. This is the ideal time to start the course.

In the case of a cesarean section, it is advisable to start no earlier than six months later, when the scar has completely healed. In any case, each mother makes the decision on when to start visiting the massage parlour independently, depending on how she feels. The main thing is that there are no contraindications.

You can talk about achieving the desired results by completing at least one or two courses (one course is approximately 10-15 sessions).

Quantity and quality of milk

Returning home with your long-awaited miracle, you forget about everything you had to endure. However, many, as a result of stress during pregnancy and childbirth, experience hellish pain throughout the body, especially in the back. In such cases, a back massage after childbirth is simply necessary. There are often doubts about whether massage can be done while breastfeeding.

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Worried that this healing method may somehow negatively affect the quantity or quality of milk, mothers prefer not to take risks and refuse such a pleasant procedure. Such dedication and willingness to endure pain in the legs, arms and back, just so that your beloved child is well-fed and happy - this is, of course, commendable, but massaging the body does not in any way affect the quality of the milk. And regarding its quantity, we can say with confidence that due to its effect on certain areas of the body, production can even be increased.

Of course, if there is more than enough milk, the nursing mother is advised to wait until she stops breastfeeding. If there is not enough milk, or there is none at all, there is no need to abandon such a useful procedure.

What else will help you get back into shape?

It is not always so easy and quick to get rid of the belly after childbirth. It is important to understand that adipose tissue cannot be completely removed by massage or even physical activity. Proper and balanced nutrition is extremely important. As soon as a woman loses extra pounds, they will also go away from the abdominal area.

The following methods are also useful for a wasp waist:

  • Any physical exercise based on twisting.
  • Nordic walking, which activates the oblique abdominal muscles.
  • A hoop can help to some extent if you spin it intensively and for at least 20-30 minutes daily.
  • There are portable vibration devices (belt, etc.) that cause the tissues of this area to move.

You should also remember that plastic surgeons can always correct the shape of the abdomen. Plastic surgery in this area largely depends on the original problem. For deposits of adipose tissue, liposuction is performed; for skin folds, excess is simply removed, etc. But these are quite expensive operations that subsequently require a long rehabilitation period.

Abdominal massage after childbirth is a useful and pleasant procedure. It will help not only improve your well-being and normalize intestinal function, but also activate your metabolism. But it is important to understand that it is extremely difficult to remove overhanging folds with massage alone; it is necessary to combine the technique with proper nutrition, physical activity, etc.

Slow contraction of the uterus

In some cases, a young mother is prescribed a special massage to contract the uterus after childbirth. It is necessary when uterine contractions are too slow. This problem does not allow the process of isolating postpartum consequences to start. In other words, lochia (remnants of the placenta, blood clots, burst vessels, dead endometrium, waste products of the child) cannot come out and remain in the uterus. If nothing is done, inflammation may begin, which is called lochiometra.

In addition to pills and injections, the contraction process is started with the help of special massage movements. The doctor gently applies pressure to the uterus. This procedure can be very painful, but it is necessary in order to reduce the risk of possible consequences due to slow contractions of the uterus.

War on cellulite

In the name of beauty, I can’t wait to sign up for training as soon as possible and start doing anti-cellulite, vacuum, lpg massage after childbirth. The desire to please yourself and others is understandable. But we warn you,

the fight against such imperfections as cellulite during breastfeeding will not be effective.

The fact is that the hormonal background during this period differs significantly from the normal hormonal background.

You can do anti-cellulite massage after childbirth, but it is advisable to wait until hormonal levels normalize. To have visible results, be patient until your baby starts eating on his own.

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In the meantime, you can try vacuum massage after childbirth. It is very popular as it improves nutrition and blood supply to tissues, reduces the severity of stretch marks, and evens out the skin. And most importantly, it helps get rid of orange peel. But there are contraindications. Such vacuum manipulations are not suitable for people with increased permeability of blood vessels.

ATTENTION: there are contraindications. Before coming to the massage room, you should definitely consult with your doctor, since there are a fairly large number of contraindications:

  • High body temperature and acute respiratory infections.
  • Bleeding.
  • Diseases of the circulatory system.
  • Inflammatory processes.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Varicose veins and thrombosis.
  • Skin manifestations of allergies.
  • Digestive system problems.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Diseases of internal organs.
  • Mental abnormalities.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Critical days.

Effective techniques for your health

The massage procedure helps not only to restore health and beauty, but also to relax, at least for these short 20-30 minutes. Classic massage is performed using a specific set of techniques for different problem areas: abdomen, back, hips and buttocks.

To strengthen the abdominal muscles

Among the specialized techniques, pay attention to abdominal massage, which helps strengthen the abdominal muscles after childbirth, as well as restore the functions of the ovaries and uterus. It also improves intestinal motility, which indirectly affects increased metabolic processes and weight loss.

  1. You need to come to the session one and a half to two hours after your last meal, with an empty intestine and bladder. During this type of procedure, the woman lies on her back and slightly bends her knees.
  2. The specialist should massage the abdomen in a circular motion to improve intestinal motility.
  3. Then he moves on to the oblique abdominal muscles, stroking them in the direction from the lower row of ribs to the pelvis.
  4. Then it’s time to massage the rectus abdominis muscle.

It is important that after completing the procedures the woman lies under a warm blanket for twenty minutes.

Thai massage

Another effective option. They resort to it two months after birth. The specialist influences bioactive points on the body to normalize the functioning of internal organs and balance metabolism. Thanks to targeted effects, a woman’s lactation can increase.

Also, many mothers who have turned to this technique after childbirth note the following positive aspects:

  • normalization of sleep;
  • relieving psychological stress;
  • improvement of skin condition;
  • stabilization of the excretory system.

Thai massage is performed using special aromatic bags. This is a fabric in which various medicinal herbs are tied. The bags are heated in a steam bath, then during the procedure they are applied to various points on the woman’s body.

After several sessions, the skin tightens, becoming more elastic and healthy in appearance. In addition, thanks to the normalization of the metabolic process, patients’ figures quickly return to their pre-birth state.

Vacuum massage for weight loss

It is an effective method of improving the condition of the skin and the contours of the figure as a whole. Cupping massage is often used, performed using special glass jars.

A lit match is lowered inside each jar for a couple of seconds, which burns the oxygen inside the jar. A vacuum is formed in it. The jar is quickly applied to the body, and it draws in the skin.

What's the benefit?

  1. As a result, the process of blood flow and outflow of interstitial fluid is normalized in the tissues. Cells are enriched with oxygen and metabolism accelerates.
  2. As a result of using vacuum procedures after childbirth, the condition of the skin improves faster, muscle tissue is strengthened, and fat cells are removed more effectively. Manipulations using cups have virtually no contraindications.

After childbirth, proper massage will help the body recover faster and help the body return to its former shape. But it is important not to rush into intensive procedures so as not to harm your health. Do not forget to consult on this issue with a gynecologist, who will indicate the exact date when after giving birth you can go to the massage room.

The postpartum recovery period after childbirth for a woman should begin 2-3 weeks later. Abdominal massage will help you recover after childbirth. It will increase muscle performance and speed up recovery after physical activity.

Even a short abdominal massage for 3-5 minutes will restore the function of tired muscles after physical activity. Especially after childbirth, it is necessary to restore the tone of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, relax other muscle groups, and relieve the feeling of fatigue in the young mother.

When performing abdominal massage after childbirth, it is necessary to take into account that the abdominal wall is supplied with blood by the parietal branches of the external and internal iliac arteries. Venous blood flows through the veins of the same name in the superior and inferior vena cava systems.

The course of the lymphatic vessels on the upper half of the abdominal wall goes to the axillary lymph nodes, on the lower half - to the inguinal nodes. From the deep layers of the epigastric region, vessels carry lymph to the intercostal space, from the celiac region - to the lumbar region, from the hypogastric region - to the iliac lymphatic angles.

Cream, ointment or oil

To improve the glide of hands over the skin, massage therapists use various cosmetics. For pain in muscles and joints - ointment or cream with an anesthetic effect. If a visit to a massage parlor is motivated by a desire to get rid of cellulite as quickly as possible, there is no doubt that anti-cellulite cosmetics will be chosen.

During breastfeeding, you should choose only natural cosmetics. The components that make up artificial cosmetics can penetrate into the blood and breast milk. As a result, the child may experience an allergic reaction. If babies are bottle-fed, it is permissible to use painkillers or anti-cellulite creams and ointments.

Olive, lavender, orange, almond, peach oil and other options are ideal for a nursing mother. The main condition in choosing is your pleasant sensations. Let this be your favorite scent.

Don't forget to do an allergy test. Apply a little oil to your wrist, if within half an hour there is no irritation or redness on the skin, you can conduct a session.

Contraindications for abdominal massage

Despite the apparent harmlessness of the procedure, there are conditions when the session should be postponed. The main contraindications include the following:

  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases or ARVI, influenza and other similar situations.
  • If there are pustular or other lesions on the body.
  • In the case when at the time of the procedure there are some skin problems.
  • Decompensated diseases of internal organs.
  • Tumors of the abdominal cavity and other localizations.
  • over the past few days.
  • Mental illnesses.
  • Recently undergone surgical interventions, less than 3 - 4 weeks from their moment.

When performing a massage, specialists usually use some kind of oils or creams. A woman should inquire about the composition the day before to avoid allergic reactions to the product.

At home

A young mother can give herself a massage for her chest and abdomen every day. It is quite possible to master some techniques on your own. For example, such as vacuum, honey and water.

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For the vacuum procedure, you need to buy a special silicone jar at the pharmacy. First, take a warm shower and apply oil to your skin. After which you can begin to secure the can. The suction strength is adjusted by squeezing air out of the can. The jar is secured in the lower abdomen, on the right side. Having secured the jar, start massaging. Movements are carried out clockwise or zigzag for 5 minutes. Then take cover, relax and lie down for about 10 minutes.


No less pleasant and useful is the honey technique. Use only high-quality natural honey during the procedure. If you are not allergic to honey, this technique can be used once a week. After a shower, dry your body thoroughly with a towel. Then apply a mixture of two tablespoons of honey and a few drops of essential oil to your stomach. Thanks to the honey, your hands stick to your stomach and during the procedure create a vacuum effect, only more gentle than when using a jar. This unclogs the pores. Ten minutes is enough. After the procedure, rinse off the honey with warm water; you can moisturize your body with cream.

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