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constipation in infant after
How to help a baby with constipation at home
The baby is born with the organs of the digestive system not yet fully formed. Exactly
Average number of nightly feedings for a child up to one year old
How to wean your baby off night feedings
Is it necessary to feed a newborn at night? It has been scientifically proven that it is important for a baby’s body to receive milk or
Weaning net or nibbler: choose the best!
Nibbler, nubler, fruittaker - these are modern names for a net for feeding children. This device simplifies
How to treat allergies in newborns on the body
How to find out what your child is allergic to?
Symptoms of food allergies Symptoms: redness, rash on the body, peeling and itching of the skin Allergies in
When to wean a baby The first year of a newborn’s life is the most important year of his life.